Khulna Bangladesh Accor Hotel

Premier Hotel Management Company Ltd. has signed an agreement with Hilton Dhaka Gulshan (250 rooms) to manage the hotel until 2022. The company also plans to open a five-star hotel with 250 to 300 rooms, a restaurant and a bar in the poor districts of GulShan by 2025. Union Limited has signed a five-year, $1.5 million-a-year contract to run lunches at five-star hotels in the capital. Swissotel Limited, a subsidiary of Swisshotel Group AG, has signed a contract to build a "Swissotel Dh Bangladesh" on Gulzan - Tejgaon Link Road in the capital with a capacity of 375 rooms.

Many of the hotel projects that are due to be completed will be delayed by a year or more due to the coronavirus crisis, which will also have an impact on development. At least two hotels that were supposed to open by the end of March have been unable to do so, and it is estimated that nearly a half-dozen hotels currently under construction will be delayed by one or two years. The opening of the hotels of the Bengal Group is planned for 2022, but can be postponed due to the effects of a pandemic, "said Jashim Hossain, CEO of the Bangladesh division of Swisshotel Group AG.

The lack of funds and uncertainty in the deal remain a major concern for investors, although work has resumed after a more than two-month shutdown. We are building at a cost of 400 to 500 crons and we are not sure when we can start and when the operation will continue. Industry officials say most of the bank loan has been paid off and the rest comes from the hotel's equity.

The hotel and catering sector grew by 7.28% - 17 in the first quarter of 2016, according to the Bangladesh National Hospitality Association. The sector is 7,300 credits and the country has more than 1,000 hotels and restaurants with a total capacity of 1.5 million rooms.

Local entrepreneurs build luxury hotels, while international hotel chains operate them for profit. International hotel chains that have expanded their business in Bangladesh include Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt, Marriott International, InterContinental Hotels & Resorts International and Hilton Worldwide. We are building a five-star hotel with 250 rooms, "said Abdul Rashadhul, owner of Khulna Accor Hotel in Dhaka. It is similar to the five-star hotels on offer but is good for the Maya in the West, said Shahidul Haque, president of the Bangladesh Hotel Association.

The Unique Hotel & Resorts hotel will be built at the same time as the Khulna Accor Hotel in Dhaka, he said. Good Holding Limited, the largest hotel company in Bangladesh, announced that it is continuing construction of the Marriott Courtyard Mauna Gazipur.

Work on the hotel began three years ago And it was due to start operating in March this year. The company has also launched the Renaissance Dhaka Gulshan Hotel, which is to become a 211-room chain run by Marriott International, but has failed to get off to a smooth start. The InterContinental Hotel Group had planned to open its first hotel in Bangladesh in the city in 2013, but the company was hit by the pandemic in 2014 and was unable to deliver on its plans.

Unique Hotel Resorts Limited plans to open a 5-star Sheraton Hotel in the Banani district of the capital in March 2020. Unique and its parent company Unique Hotels Limited are jointly planning to build a new 150-room luxury hotel in the centre of Dhaka, the first of its kind in Bangladesh.

The US-based global chain bebe is about to open its first hotel in Bangladesh, a five-star Sheraton Hotel in the Dhaka district of Chittagong, in March 2020.

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More About Khulna