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The office of the district commissioner has decided to close all markets and shops in Narail on Friday and to declare a day of mourning for those who have been driven from their homes and businesses. Khulna DC Md Helal Hossain said people do not maintain social dissociation protocols and this could help spread the virus across larger clusters and demographics, and the decision was made. D.C. office sources said Narail's DC Azuman Ara called a meeting with the chief minister and other county commissioners and made a decision.

While most local health officials in the district welcomed the move, some store owners expressed frustration with the decision, saying they faced huge losses because they already had a large amount of products for sale during the swearing in. Many tea stands are great, we get a view of the river from time to time and people are friendly as long as the product is what tourists want to buy.

Prices range from air-conditioned beds, but one of the most reliable is for several - day trips cost $150 per person or more. One is a four-night stay at a multi-day, air-conditioned hotel that costs $130 per person, more than double the rate at other hotels.

The best option is to stay in a central hotel in the district, where friendly waiters serve delicious Bengali food. The Hotel Western International has a very good restaurant, which serves a variety of dishes, including spicy, sweet and spicy - sweet - savoury, as well as spicy and sweet. Shared bathrooms cost $50, but can be reduced to at least $60, making them a worthwhile budget option.

Priyoshop's premium clothing division includes designer branded and original branded dresses as well as designer dresses from other brands. Priy's budget dress department includes original dresses for under $100, as well as designer and non-designer options for around $50.

The original Indian Georgette sares are offered in a variety of colours and styles, such as red, white, blue, yellow, green and blue. The collection includes a wide range of silk sarars, katan sarars, toshor sarars, jamdani sarars, chiffon sarars and many more.

The Sundarbans in Khulna are the best place to organize a trip to the Sundarbans, and there are several private providers. If you have a budget, you will need to compare yourself to the several lined up at the BIWTC Rocket reservation office.

Priyoshop has one of the most popular online shopping sites in Bangladesh and the best online shop in Khulna. Her vast collection includes a wide range of clothing and accessories as well as a variety of accessories. They offer a wide selection of clothes, shoes, accessories and other items, but they are not a good place to buy them all.

Take some ethnic pieces from their traditional program and choose from a wide range of dresses designed for women, men, girls, women and children, as well as for men and women. You can adorn yourself with a beautiful look by wearing the original Indian sari or grab an exclusive scarf, hijab or dupatta from their collection that is as comfortable and stylish as a fountain. Choose from a range of different types of scarves, hijabs, dupattas, headscarves and other accessories from the collection.

Pakistani lawn suit, featuring a combination of colours and prints to make your ensemble attractive, bold and yet elegant.

There are a number of cheap hotels in various alleyways, and the Messenger Cyber Cafe is probably one of the most popular cafes in Khulna with a good selection of food and drinks. Check out this list of shops, mainly to welcome some of my favorite shops in the city, like this one, this one and this one.

The rocket steamer will depart Khulna at 2: 30 a.m. and will head for Dhaka, with a few stops on the way, including Barisal. The boat leaves at 2.45 am, but it is possible to board the boat at around 6 - 7 pm the night before and sleep in the berth at no extra charge. NovoAir US - Bangla has one of the most popular flights in Bangladesh, from Chittagong, Bangladesh's capital. This airline offers shuttle buses to and from Khilna and they are known for their good service and good food and drink.

The Hotel Royal is the largest hotel in Khulna, offering various types of facilities for people. The state-owned match factory, the Khilna Football Club, has one of the best facilities in the country for footballers and fans.

The decision to close the market, which was implemented on Thursday before it reopened on May 10, led to most markets being closed. I saw several buyers, shopkeepers and sellers who were unaware of the D.C. office's public announcement returning to their homes after learning of the closed market. You have probably never lived in a city with so many shops, shops and markets in one place.

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